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Anatolii Ivaniuk

Co-founder at Scimus, IT entrepreneur, Investor, Business visionary.

I lead a team of talented and passionate web and software developers who deliver high-quality and customized solutions for our clients across various domains, such as e-commerce, gambling, healthcare, and blockchain. With 13+ years of experience in web development, web app development, and software testing services, I have the technical skills and knowledge to create effective and scalable products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

I am also passionate about innovation and learning new technologies and trends that could benefit our organization and our clients. I set the technology vision and strategy for Scimus, and collaborate with other senior leaders to align technology goals with overall business objectives.

I manage and allocate technology resources, ensure reliability, security, and scalability of our infrastructure and systems, and implement and enforce technology policies, standards, and best practices. I lead research and development efforts to improve and enhance our existing products and services, and provide free consultation and feedback to potential customers who have fresh business ideas. My mission is to make Scimus a global leader in web and software solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses.