Outsourcing Software
Development Services

Custom Software Development Outsourcing
Services We Offer

  • Mobile App Development Outsourcing

    Leverage our professional development outsourcing services to build a powerful mobile app faster and stimulate digital transformation on all consumer touchpoints. We have a close-loop talent pool for native Android and iOS mobile application development, as well as cross-platform apps. Even better, we offer all other complimentary mobile app development services, such as deployment at in-house.

  • Custom Software Development

    Work closely with our in-house product development team to build a next-gen software solution that will solidify your market position by giving you a competitive edge over other players. We have talents for any tech stack role that your mobile, desktop, web, or gaming application might need.

  • IT Staff Augmentation Outsourcing

    Hire a dedicated software development team with Scimus outsourcing services to relieve your in-house department of extra IT workload. We can help you set up a fully-fledged team of mixed talents that reflects your brand ideals, goal, and vision, to drive innovation through next-gen products, as well as offshore research and development.

  • Specialist Developer Outsourcing

    Hire specialist mobile app development talents that are hard to find in your local job market to fill vacant positions in your IT department. Our hiring experts have access to global talent pools to help you find motivated developers, whether senior, junior, or intermediary within the shortest time possible without exposing you to recruitment bottlenecks.

  • Software Testing and Automation Outsourcing

    Our custom software development outsourcing services include manual and automation software testing to help you deploy secure applications that are usable and easy to maintain. We leverage various methodologies, including AI to highlight any security vulnerabilities or user pain points that your development team might have missed.

Platforms We Work With

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Node.js
  • Cross-platform software

Our Web and Mobile App Solutions

  • Gaming apps
  • Business apps
  • Consumer apps
  • IoT apps
  • Social apps
  • Healthcare and medical apps

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Industries We're Experts In

Our Outsourced Software Development
Process: Step-by-Step

  • 1. Submit project requirements for in-house analysis
  • 2. SLA preparation and negotiation, depending on the project’s length and complexity
  • 3. Talent recruitment or assignment
  • 4. Project delivery and reporting
  • 5. Quality assurance and testing
  • 6. Deployment and ongoing support

Why Choose Scimus for Outsourcing
Software Development Services?

  • Custom Client Approach

    Scimus takes a custom approach to every outsourced software development project to ensure that all intricate needs are met without discriminating against the business size or budget involved. We treat your project as ours and endeavor to at least meet if not surpass your expectations.

  • Qualified and Motivated IT Staff

    We work with close-knit external and in-house experts, depending on your preferred outsourcing model of collaboration, as well as scalable resources to help you build swiftly and launch products faster. Tell us which tech stack role you want to spearhead your project and we shall get it done.

  • Quality and Security

    We uphold the latest quality and security standards when building digital solutions for our clients to enhance compliance and seamless deployment on a global scale. Even better, dedicated teams that we hire sign NDAs to safeguard the secrets, intellectual property, and exclusive codes associated with your brand.

  • All-in-One Solutions

    Save the time and costs of shuffling multiple service providers with our all-in-one outsourcing software development services. Our cross-functional and well-balanced team of experts can help your project with any IT service that you might need. We even extend our hiring capacity to wider talent markets in case you need a specialist talent.

  • Culture of Transparency

    Be in charge of your software development project outsourcing service by engaging the hire talents through real-time, transparent collaboration tools. Even better, we provide true reports at each development stage to ensure that you are updated and that everything goes as you planned and envisioned.

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What Do Customers Say About Us?

Why people love Scimus

"We really enjoyed working with Olga, who delivered work of exceptionally high quality. Great attention to details, fast communications, the project has been completed to our best expectations. Will work again with pleasure."

"Ihor did a good job researching our software and delivered well-constructed QA results in a timely manner. Communications were superb. Long-term support and consulting were also provided. We can definitely recommend Ihor as a highly skilled professional."

"Great team! Would love to work again."

"Very nice experience. Highly recommend!"

"Very capable tester. Found a lot of important issues with our apps."

Technology Stack

  • Software Development

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • React.js

  • React

  • Vue.js

  • C++

  • Mobile App Development

  • JS Frameworks

  • RhoMobile

  • React Native

  • Web Design and Development

  • Angular

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Express.js

  • PHP

  • Software QA and Testing

  • Manual tools

  • JMeter

  • Selenium

  • Appium

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • red-planetWhat are the advantages of outsourcing your project to a software
    development team like Scimus?

    The advantages of software project outsourcing with Scimus include:

    • Costs reduction on specialist labor services
    • Resourceful knowledge exchange
    • Access to scalable resources
    • Accelerated time to market for digital products
  • red-planetWhat are the benefits of having a web or mobile app for
    your business?

    Having a powerful mobile or web app for your business ensures that you:

    • Build a solid reputation in the industry
    • Increase consumer engagement
    • Stimulate sales
    • Tap into modern markets
  • red-planetHow do we make outsourcing safe?

    We make outsourcing safe by ensuring that we understand the requirements and concerns of the project in question, before signing NDAs with clients and developers. This ensures that the project details are only accessible and known by the involved team. We also employ all the relevant security measures to ensure that your data is safe and taper-proof.

  • red-planetWhat outsourcing models do we offer?

    We offer up to two outsourcing models for software development, programming services, or any IT function that your business might need, including dedicated teams extension and project-based. Dedicated teams are a go-to option if you want to share your in-house IT workload when scaling, while project-based allows you to outsource all functions, including management.

  • red-planetHow can you control tasks and project progress with us?

    You can stay on top of your outsourced projects and tasks through real-time collaboration tools that enhance effective communication between clients and offshore developers. We can also assign a dedicated project manager who directly answers you with periodical reports at every development phase.

  • red-planetWhat is the most effective engagement model?

    Project-based outsourcing solutions offer the best engagement model because you get to utilize innovative resources and top-tier talents at relatively affordable costs. This engagement model also allows you to spread development risks.

  • red-planetHow much does it cost to outsource software development?

    The average hourly cost of software development outsourcing is about $15 to $100, depending on the talent's level of expertise, hiring location, as well as the technology needed to complete the project.

  • red-planetHow long does it take to build a web or mobile app?

    Averagely, it takes 3 to 9 months to build a web or mobile app, depending on the service provider and whether your project needs custom programming.