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Media & Entertainment Software & App Development Services

Our Media and Entertainment App Development Services

  • TV Application Development

    We collaborate with businesses in the entertainment software industry to build top-tier TV applications that are objective and user-centric. From designing layouts and navigation to optimizing TV hardware and controllers, we build media and entertainment solutions for all devices, including STBs and smart TVs

  • Video Streaming Solutions

    Introduce cutting-edge video streaming solutions by partnering with our multimedia development company to cover live events and tap into new revenue streams. Our developers leverage high-latency protocols, such as HLS, RTMP, and WebRTC to build a powerful streaming solution that guarantees high end-to-end quality.

  • Video-on-Demand (Vod) Application Development

    Choose our entertainment app development company for all VoD services and operations, such as video management, content distribution, content monetization, video uploading, or even transcoding. We can also help you implement emerging VoD trends, such as bitrate streaming to enhance a comfortable viewing experience for your audiences.

  • Audio and Music Streaming Platform Development

    Build next-gen software for entertainment with streaming capabilities, as well as additional functionalities, such as unlimited storage or audio library management. Our development process is encompassing from all angles to meet your precise business goals, whether you are targeting music or video streaming audiences.

  • Media & Entertainment Software Modernization

    Improve the business logic of your legacy systems with our media software solutions. Our experts will help you tap into modern consumer segments, whether you want to build a new system altogether from scratch or reengineer your current software with updated prototype solutions.

We collaborate with businesses in the entertainment software industry to build top-tier TV applications that are objective and user-centric. From designing layouts and navigation to optimizing TV hardware and controllers, we build media and entertainment solutions for all devices, including STBs and smart TVs

Scimus Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

  • metrics

    Social metrics tool development

  • big-data

    Big data and analytics software development

  • designing

    UX/UI designing and prototyping

  • Third-party

    Third-party integrations

  • editing

    Media editing tools

  • Network

    Network management systems

Build software for advertising with our experts.

Frameworks & Technologies

  • Video Platforms

  • Kaltura-image


  • Brightcove-image


  • Cloud Platforms

  • Azure-image


  • Amazon AWS-image


  • GCP-image


  • Transcoding Tools

  • GStreamer-image


  • AWS-image


  • Vantage-image


  • FFmpeg-image


  • Zencode-image


  • Envivio-image


Our Process Of Entertainment & Media Software Development



Meeting with the client for an in-depth analysis of needs and requirements.


Research and

Prototyping for client presentation and approval



Software development



Testing, debugging, and integration



Final deployment and ongoing maintenance

Meeting with the client for an in-depth analysis of needs and requirements.

Why Choose Us for Media and Entertainment Solutions?

  • Workflow

    Ready Experts In All Domain Areas

    Submit your project and rest assured that we have assigned qualified and certified experts in all domains to ensure quality consistency. Scimus media and entertainment software development company only work with in-house experts necessary technical skills and impeccable work ethics.

  • swift

    Swift Turnaround

    We leverage a unique agile software development process to build quickly and reduce the time to market your media and entertainment software solutions. Even better, we involve clients at every iteration of the project to ensure intricate concerns are addressed simultaneously, to save time and costs in the long haul.

  • cloud-image

    Deep Cloud Expertise

    Plug into modern cloud services such as AWS and GCP with our entertainment management software development services and build highly scalable, secure, and high-performance digital media solutions. We can also help you adapt and integrate the latest technologies in cloud storage, such as analytics and transcoding tools.

  • software

    All-In-One Media Software Development Services

    We offer all media and entertainment app development services under one roof to help you save unnecessary time and resources spent on juggling multiple companies. We design, build, test, deploy, upgrade, and maintain media and entertainment software solutions in-house without any hidden costs.

Industries We're Experts In

  • health-fitnes-image Health / Fitness

    We help fitness clubs, gyms, and trainers create a centralized platform where they can share health-related content that improves their audience's quality of life.

  • fintech-image Financial
    Services + Fintech

    We help banks and other financial institutions access full-service web designing solutions that promote customer convenience.

  • retail-imageRetail /

    Whether you are a freelancer, established, or small business, our web design, and development services are designed to help you sell online at scale.

  • medtech-image MedTech

    We help the healthcare fraternity build a 24/7 presence to facilitate an all-day, everyday service provision.

  • real-estate-imageReal Estate

    Our development services open real estate investors to a world of innumerable opportunities.

  • sports-image Sports

    We help fitness clubs create an online space where they can share valuable fitness content that appeals to their target audience.

  • blockchain-imageBlockchain

    Our blockchain web service allows businesses to have a platform where they can monitor transactions and other processes securely.

  • education-image Education /

    We help tutors, and educational institutions access diverse e-learning solutions that engage students and teachers alike.

  • medical-imageMedical /

    We help physicians, pharmacists, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, and other medical practitioners enhance patient interactions and provide personalized care.

  • marketing-imageMarketing
    and AdTech

    Our solutions allow marketers and advertising agencies to run massive campaigns across various platforms seamlessly.

  • More

Technology Stack

  • Programming Languages

  • JS


  • css


  • php


  • Databases

  • SQLite


  • MongoDB


  • MySql


  • PostgreSql


  • Firebase


  • Frameworks

  • Flutter


  • React

    React Native

  • JQuery Mobile

    JQuery Mobile

  • NodeJS


  • Vue


  • React


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What services do you provide?

    Scimus entertainment app development company offers a range of services, including:

    • Media software development
    • TV app development
    • Streaming platform development
    • Consulting
    • Content monetization solutions
  • How do you organize the entertainment software development process?

    Our entertainment software development process includes 5 steps:

    • Project requirements analysis
    • Prototyping
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Deployment and maintenance
  • What is media & entertainment software development?

    This is the process of programming and building computer-based applications that facilitate content distribution, consumption, and monetization.

  • What are the benefits of hiring an outsourcing company for software and app development?

    Hiring an outsourcing partner for software and app development comes with various business benefits, such as:

    • Freed time to focus on core functions
    • Access to expert talents
    • Optimized development costs
    • Distributed development risks
  • How much does it cost?

    Building a digital media solution, such as a streaming app can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $35,000, and upward of $60,000 for dross-platforms.

  • How long will it take?

    Building an application for the media industry can take anywhere between 2 to 9 months, depending on the level of customization, certifications, or even technologies used