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About US

Our Core Services

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    Web App Development

    Enjoy end-to-end custom web development from experienced developers. Highly scalable quality apps that blow up your digital presence.

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    Web Development

    IT experts offering comprehensive yet affordable web development services. Web designing that takes user experience to the next level.

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    Mobile App Development 

    On-demand mobile app development that transforms the way you conduct business. Android and iOS applications that drive massive business exposure, helping you reach a global audience.

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    iOS App Development

    A comprehensive and agile approach to iOS App Development. Providing software solutions that Apple users will love.

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    Android App Development

    Android App Development to shape successful products. Access innovative digital apps that function optimally on all Android-supported operating systems.

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    Development outsource

    Outsourced services that guarantee reliable solutions. Partner with global software development experts that will help you navigate your business challenges with ease.

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    Development for startups

    Software development for startups that inspires endless possibilities. Our talented developers will help turn your vision into high-performing feature-rich digital solutions that establish you as an authority and give you a competitive edge.

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    Quality Assurance + Bug hunting

    We showcase tremendous expertise in the provision of quality assurance and bug hunting services. Let's maintain exceptional software standards that help your business realize strategic opportunities.

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    Automation testing

    Executing automation testing using cutting-edge technologies to ensure bug-free and high-performing applications throughout. Our software testing services guarantee quality products that meet client and user expectations as well as facilitate business optimization.

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    Maintenance and Support

    Holding your hand after deployment to ensure continued quality user experience. Our intimate knowledge of updating and modifying digital products helps you beat the curve.

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    Mobile App Support and Maintenance

    From improving UI to software migrations and enhancing usability, you can rest assured our mobile app support and maintenance services will leave you with highly productive applications that elevate user experience.

Industries We're Experts In

  • health-fitnes-image Health / Fitness

    We help fitness clubs, gyms, and trainers create a centralized platform where they can share health-related content that improves their audience's quality of life.

  • fintech-image Financial
    Services + Fintech

    We help banks and other financial institutions access full-service web designing solutions that promote customer convenience.

  • retail-imageRetail /

    Whether you are a freelancer, established, or small business, our web design, and development services are designed to help you sell online at scale.

  • medtech-image MedTech

    We help the healthcare fraternity build a 24/7 presence to facilitate an all-day, everyday service provision.

  • real-estate-imageReal Estate

    Our development services open real estate investors to a world of innumerable opportunities.

  • sports-image Sports

    We help fitness clubs create an online space where they can share valuable fitness content that appeals to their target audience.

  • blockchain-imageBlockchain

    Our blockchain web service allows businesses to have a platform where they can monitor transactions and other processes securely.

  • education-image Education /

    We help tutors, and educational institutions access diverse e-learning solutions that engage students and teachers alike.

  • medical-imageMedical /

    We help physicians, pharmacists, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, and other medical practitioners enhance patient interactions and provide personalized care.

  • marketing-imageMarketing
    and AdTech

    Our solutions allow marketers and advertising agencies to run massive campaigns across various platforms seamlessly.

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Our Mission

  • Empowering Business Success

    As a reputable custom software development company, we are keen on building robust IT-enabled applications that eliminate business challenges while boosting efficiency and productivity.

  • Excellence in Development

    Our team of developers meticulously follows development best practices to ensure the digital solutions meet industry standards and align with your company goals. By offering superior services, we hope to be your online software development company partner of choice.

Build software for advertising with our experts.

Our Values

  • Innovation

    We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and gain an extensive understanding of emerging technologies, which equips us with the necessary skills and creativity to build innovative mobile and web-based products.

  • Integrity

    Honesty is one of our key driving factors and we strongly believe in being truthful and never being vague with our clients.

  • Quality

    We implement quality controls and automated testing from the get-go to ensure premium quality products.

  • Collaboration

    We have an effective collaboration strategy that allows developers and clients to work together toward the stipulated goals

  • Commitment

    As a reputable software development company, we are dedicated to honoring our word and building powerful digital solutions that establish your brand as an authority.

  • Appreciation

    Apart from making our clients feel valued, we also appreciate our team through rewards and bonuses, for their dedication to delivering world-class products that revolutionize business processes.

We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and gain an extensive understanding of emerging technologies, which equips us with the necessary skills and creativity to build innovative mobile and web-based products.

Why Choose Scimus?

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    8 years of customized solutions

    Our vast experience in developing powerful digital solutions strategically positions us as an authority in our niche.

  • 50

    50 highly-qualified developers

    We are an experienced app dev company, home to over 50 skilled developers that deliver pure gold.

  • 7

    7 active clients

    We are currently undertaking application development for 7 clients, leveraging sophisticated technologies to achieve their business objectives 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • 15

    15 satisfied clients

    Of our clients who sought our service, 95% are repeat customers and have referred our development services to other businesses.

  • 30

    30 completed projects

    Our dedication to our craft has seen us deliver over 30 completed projects since we commenced operations.

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