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Enterprise Software Development Services

Our Enterprise Software Development Services

  • Legacy Application Migration

    Upgrade your enterprise and mobile software solutions with our turnkey modernization services that include retooling, reconfiguration, or entire development from scratch to align your business with the latest technologies. Our modernization services will help you lower maintenance costs and offer disruptive, user-friendly experiences.

  • Enterprise Software Development

    Our enterprise software solutions allow you to build a custom, industry-centered system architecture that supports all your business needs. Besides building scalable and agile applications, our experts bring in unmatched knowledge, tools, and expertise that make your business stand out from the competition.

  • Enterprise Mobility Development

    Partner with our enterprise software development company to increase system mobility through well-designed enterprise-grade applications that are easily scalable, accessible, and compatible with various mobile devices. Our enterprise mobility service will help you improve productivity and scale as much as needed.

  • Software Integration Services

    Integrate cutting-edge technologies into your business systems with our enterprise application development services. We seamlessly bind new applications with your existing enterprise software infrastructure without tampering with data, quality, or functionality to align your business operations with emerging trends and technologies.

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

    Our enterprise application development services go beyond testing and deployment. You can count on our in-house team to offer professional maintenance and technical support services to ensure that your systems are future-oriented around the clock. Let us worry about the stability, optimization, and consistent functionality of your software design as you focus on core business functions.

Upgrade your enterprise and mobile software solutions with our turnkey modernization services that include retooling, reconfiguration, or entire development from scratch to align your business with the latest technologies. Our modernization services will help you lower maintenance costs and offer disruptive, user-friendly experiences.

Our Enterprise Software Solutions

  • Enterprise Web Applications

    Our web software development team is well-versed in designing, building, and delivering impeccable enterprise solutions that fulfill all your business needs with less effort. We have all the tools and technologies to meet any enterprise need, whether you want to build a fully customized or multifaceted web-based application.

  • Enterprise Mobile Applications

    Partner with Scimus to build fully-fledged enterprise mobile applications that enhance productivity, mobility, and employee experience, as far as convenient tooling and connection are concerned. We build reliable mobile applications that work seamlessly on any network, location, or time zone to enhance business continuity around the clock.

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Platforms & Technologies

  • Mobile

  • ios-image


  • android-image


  • React-native-image

    React Native

  • Web

  • VueJS-image


  • React-image


  • NodeJS-image


  • Laravel-image


  • Symphony-image


  • WebGl-image


  • Cloud

  • Cloud


  • amazon

    Web Services

  • oracle


  • azurem


  • IBM

    IBM Cloud

Our Process of Enterprise Applications Development



Planning, based on project requirements and client expectations.



System architecture designing and technology stack



Coding, programming, and building



QA and testing



Integration and deployment



Ongoing support and maintenance

Planning, based on project requirements and client expectations.

Why Choose Scimus For Custom Enterprise Software Development?

  • Optimized Pricing

    Optimized Pricing

    Our custom enterprise software experts will take you through pre-built applications and prototypes to help optimize development costs from the start of the project. Get in touch with us to speed up your development process at no hidden or extra overhead costs—what we indicate in the quote is what you pay for the full service.

  • quality-image

    Consistent, High-Quality Results

    Our experts look beyond beautiful interfaces and immersive user experiences when developing enterprise software for your business needs. Our agile and well-designed development process focuses on quality consistency from all angles to ensure a stable back-end functionality and an intuitive front-end that increases the productivity of your staff.

  • software

    Transparent Project Management

    Take the front seat in the process of building your enterprise business software and stay updated at all crucial stages through our open communication lines. Our culture of transparency ensures that all your expectations are met, as well as swift software delivery within the agreed deadlines.

  • software

    All-In-One Solutions

    Scimus is a one-stop company for all your custom enterprise software development needs, whether you want to build a new application from scratch or iterate on an existing system. We also build web and mobile apps that function seamlessly across multiple platforms, as well as integrate third-party tools to save you the costs of outsourcing to multiple parties.

  • business-image

    A Business-Centric Approach

    Our enterprise applications development experts transform business ideas into reality by building cutting-edge solutions that embody your eCommerce specifics and peculiarities. Whether you want a solution that tackles everyday operations, automates redundant workflows, or enhances customer experience—we shall build it with your business in mind.

Industries We're Experts In

  • health-fitnes-image Health / Fitness

    We help fitness clubs, gyms, and trainers create a centralized platform where they can share health-related content that improves their audience's quality of life.

  • fintech-image Financial
    Services + Fintech

    We help banks and other financial institutions access full-service web designing solutions that promote customer convenience.

  • retail-imageRetail /

    Whether you are a freelancer, established, or small business, our web design, and development services are designed to help you sell online at scale.

  • medtech-image MedTech

    We help the healthcare fraternity build a 24/7 presence to facilitate an all-day, everyday service provision.

  • real-estate-imageReal Estate

    Our development services open real estate investors to a world of innumerable opportunities.

  • sports-image Sports

    We help fitness clubs create an online space where they can share valuable fitness content that appeals to their target audience.

  • blockchain-imageBlockchain

    Our blockchain web service allows businesses to have a platform where they can monitor transactions and other processes securely.

  • education-image Education /

    We help tutors, and educational institutions access diverse e-learning solutions that engage students and teachers alike.

  • medical-imageMedical /

    We help physicians, pharmacists, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, and other medical practitioners enhance patient interactions and provide personalized care.

  • marketing-imageMarketing
    and AdTech

    Our solutions allow marketers and advertising agencies to run massive campaigns across various platforms seamlessly.

  • More

Technology Stack

  • Programming Languages

  • JS


  • php-image


  • c++-image


  • Frameworks

  • React-image


  • Vue-image


  • NodeJS-image


  • Symphony-image


  • React


  • Laravel-image


  • Qt-image


  • Database Systems

  • Microsoft-SQL


  • NoSQL-image


  • MySql-image


  • oracle

    Oracle SQL

  • PostgreSql


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is enterprise software development?

    This is a multi-disciplinary approach that involves the building and designing of enterprise-grade applications for various functions, such as customer relationship management (CRM), automation, business intelligence, or even online payment processing.

  • What services do you provide for enterprise companies?

    Our software development firm offers various services to enterprise companies, such as:

    • Enterprise software development
    • Enterprise software modernization and integration
    • Technical support and maintenance
    • Enterprise mobile and web-based app development
  • How do you organize the enterprise software development process?

    Our enterprise software development process is organized into six steps:

    • Project planning
    • System designing
    • Coding and development
    • Testing
    • Deployment
    • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • What are the benefits of hiring an outsourced developers’ team?

    Hiring an outsourced developers’ team for custom software development is beneficial in many ways, such as:

    • Access to business-ready developers
    • Building with next-gen tools and technologies
    • Optimized development costs
    • Shared software development risks
  • How much does it cost on average?

    Building enterprise-grade software can cost anywhere between $50,000 and $700,000.

  • What engagement models do you offer?

    We offer various engagement models to complement your business needs, such as outsourcing and dedicated teams.