Our Services

  • Custom Web Development

    Our custom PHP web development services help us build dynamic and interactive platforms that appeal to consumers

  • Web App Development

    A top-tier web app development agency building eCommerce and retail software solutions that serve a global audience

  • Mobile Development

    Reach consumers and increase brand visibility through our unrivaled mobile eCommerce software development

  • Quality Assurance

    Our outsourced QA services test for issues that hamper the efficiency of your retail business software, providing future-proof solutions unique to these challenges

  • Product Design

    Leverage our product design expertise to create an irresistible UI/UX that differentiates your e-commerce platform from competitor sites

  • Consulting

    Access professional consultants that will help you re-imagine your retail software development strategies, providing a roadmap that facilitates business longevity

  • Software Outsourcing

    Our expertise in software development outsourcing in Ukraine allows us access to a vast developer talent pool that guarantees unique, attractive, and innovative computer solutions

Scimus Solutions For eCom and Retail Industry

  • POS Development

    We develop POS systems that help you analyze sales, manage your inventory, and understand customer purchasing trends

  • Inventory Management Systems

    We leverage analytics and reporting tools to build inventory management tools that track stock

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management

    We build solutions that oversee product distribution and increase the value of each delivery

  • Billing/Payment Software and Payment Gateway Integrations:

    Our talented IT professionals will build software for retail shop that automates billing and payment processes to help you better manage cash flow. Our payment gateways facilitate direct and credit card payments for seamless transactions.

Platform and Frameworks

  • Progressive web app Development

    Our extensive knowledge of PWA development allows us to build web applications that offer optimal user experience and increase mobile conversions

  • Native app Development

    Access globally accessible native apps that increase your brand’s online visibility, maximize ROI and boost the overall bottom line.

  • Cross-Platform App Development

    Kill two birds with one stone: Our e-commerce development services target Android and iOS users alike, delivering applications easily accessible from either operating systems

Why Choose Scimus?

  • Payment Security

    We partner with escrow, allowing you to secure your funds. Payments are made per milestone or project, where escrow will release the funds only when the agreed terms are met.

  • Tech-Savvy Developers

    Our developers are keen on the latest technologies and eCommerce trends, which facilitates the development of innovative products that revolutionize the eCommerce and retail industry.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    We are an eCommerce and retail software company that understands customers are the backbone of a successful company. As such, we build agile solutions that boost customer engagement and skyrocket sales.

Want to develop a custom software solution?

Our Process of Financial Applications Development

  • Research and planning

    We will gather project requirements, clearly identifying consumer challenges and needs, as well as client expectations. We also create detailed documentation on the development tasks and allocate resources appropriately

  • Design and Prototyping

    We will design a clickable prototype that accurately represents what the client should expect. It will include databases, network requirements, and user and system interfaces.

  • Development

    Our coding experts will build an application based on the approved prototype. They will work with designers and project managers to improve development efficiency.

  • Testing

    We will test the application for slow load times, crashes, unintuitiveness, unresponsiveness, bugs, and security issues, to make sure the product released appeals to the end users and offers an exceptional experience

  • Launch

    After a successful testing process, we launch the application on the relevant platforms for access by end-users

  • Maintenance

    We will continually review the application's functionality, updating, reviewing, and fixing it whenever the need rises.

Industries We're Experts In

  • 01Business Services

    Specialized end-to-end business solutions that support business growth and longevity.

  • 02Retail / E-Commerce

    Retail and e-commerce development that keeps your brand up to pace with the global e-commerce market

  • 03Sports

    Quality, innovative, and feature-rich sporting solutions that will be a favorite of sports enthusiasts

  • 04Blockchain Business Services

    Advanced blockchain solutions that enhance your business’s security in a world where tech-driven transactions are the trend

  • 05Education / Training

    We create innovations that facilitate and streamline education processes to help educational institutions and businesses increase student engagement

  • 06Entertainment

    Experienced developers that will build ground-breaking entertainment applications that revolutionize the user experience

  • 07Financial services + Fintech

    Tech applications that improve the accuracy of financial services, facilitate financial data visibility, and security. Our top-tier developers leverage robust development processes to build fintech solutions that support your business operations

  • 08Health / Fitness

    Wellness solutions that track performance, measure progress and allow users to set individualized workout/diet plans, helping them achieve their health goals.

  • 09Healthtech

    Our software specialists build bespoke healthtech solutions that support billing, appointment scheduling, video conferencing, and other crucial features.

  • 10Large Enterprises

    We meticulously design enterprise-grade software solutions to ensure uninterrupted business operations

  • 11Travel

    Turn-key travel software development that gives your target audience the luxury of planning their unique travel experiences

  • 12Medical / Pharma

    We are a top web development software service provider committed to crafting medical/pharma solutions that improve medical outcomes

  • 13MedTech

    Medtech products that harness the power of IoT and big data to create solutions that support digital transformations in the medical industry

  • 14Real Estate

    Leverage our unmatched development expertise to access real estate solutions that turn data into insights, providing you with potential business opportunities

  • 15Marketing and AdTech

    Access feature-rich retail marketing platforms that increase brand outreach and boost customer acquisition

  • 16EdTech

    Our disruptive EdTech solutions provide personalized learning opportunities and encourage better student-teacher engagements

  • 17GameDev

    As a leading iGaming developer, we build engaging gambling games that provide immersive experiences


Business Services

Specialized end-to-end business solutions that support business growth and longevity.

Retail / E-Commerce

Retail and e-commerce development that keeps your brand up to pace with the global e-commerce market


Quality, innovative, and feature-rich sporting solutions that will be a favorite of sports enthusiasts

Blockchain Business Services

Software development that presents you with a wealth of decentralized ecosystems to transform your brand

Education / Training

We create innovations that facilitate and streamline education processes to help educational institutions and businesses increase student engagement
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Technology Stack

  • JavaScript

  • C

  • CSS

  • PHP

  • React Native

  • C++

  • HTML5

  • SQLite

Want to develop a custom software solution?


  • red-planetWhat services do you offer?

    Scimus services include custom web development, web app development, mobile development, quality assurance, product design, consulting, and software outsourcing.

  • red-planetHow do you organize the eCom or retail applications development process?

    Our custom eCommerce software development process involves:

    • Researching your project goals, requirements, expectations, target audience, and competitor products
    • Finding developers well-versed in your desired tech stack and frameworks
    • Designing the entire application and creating a clickable prototype
    • Building the application
    • Testing the app to ascertain product quality
    • Making it available to end-users
    • Continuous maintenance to keep the app operating efficiently and effectively
  • red-planetWhat Is software development for e-commerce?

    This is the process of building a retail software that streamlines all eCommerce business processes including fulfilling orders, calculating taxes, and managing the product list and inventory.

  • red-planetWhat are the benefits of hiring an outsource company for e-com & retail software development?

    Excellent reasons you should outsource your e-com & retail projects to a business software development company include:

    • Access to an unlimited talent pool
    • Saves time and resources that would have otherwise been used in the recruitment process
    • Access to innovative developers with fresher perspectives
    • Access to quality talents at pocket-friendly prices
  • red-planetHow much does eCommerce software development cost?

    The cost of developing a custom eCommerce solution varies depending on the complexity of the product and labor costs. Scimus is a reliable e-commerce software company that builds quality web and mobile applications at affordable rates. Contact us today for your free quote

  • red-planetSigning an NDA?

    Signing an NDA is a choice. However, signing one allows you to seek retail app development services assured of utmost confidentiality.