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Real Estate Software Development Services

Our Services

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    Custom Web Development

    A custom web dev company focused on fulfilling your unique real estate needs.

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    Web App Development

    We are a web application development service provider building web apps that facilitate direct customer interactions across various platforms.

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    Mobile Development

    Our developers create robust mobile applications that increase market reach.

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    Quality Assurance

    We provide software testing services that ensure your application’s optimal performance.

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    Product Design

    We are home to a team of UI/UX experts who will harness their industry knowledge to build applications that your audience finds attractive.

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    Our experienced developers will look at your existing application and offer invaluable insights on how it can maximize business value.

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    Software Outsourcing

    Boost your in-house team’s productivity and access top-notch talents by outsourcing your development task to us.

Scimus Solutions For The Real Estate Industry

  • Real Estate Property Management Software

    Track lease agreements, tenant databases, and streamline rent collection with top-tier real estate software solutions

  • Multiple Listing Services

    Real estate developer services that build an MLS that facilitates collaborations with your partners and strategically positions you to access a pool of prospective buyers.

  • Custom CRM And ERP

    Effectively manage client databases and boost lead generation through our custom CRM and ERP development services.

  • Real Estate Accounting Software

    Software for real estate business that provides performance data to help maximize revenues, evaluate expenditure, estimate property value, and minimize debts.

  • Real Estate Automation Software

    Automation software that minimizes manual workflows and automates lead generation to elevate your digital marketing efforts.

  • Real Estate Investment Solutions

    Real estate IT solutions that help diversify your real estate investment portfolio. Thanks to our custom development services, you can access applications that help you make profitable real estate and debt investments.

Build software for advertising with our experts.

Platforms And Frameworks

  • Progressive Web App Development

    Leveraging browser-supported languages to create responsive, progressive applications that are accessible online and offline.

  • Cross-Platform App Development

    Customizable, premium-quality, robust, and versatile applications that provide unmatched user experience across multiple platforms.

  • Native App Development

    Highly functional native apps that provide exceptional user experience and take full advantage of a device’s functionality.

Leveraging browser-supported languages to create responsive, progressive applications that are accessible online and offline.

Why Choose Scimus?

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    Top-Tier Developers

    Our exceptionally talented developers will create high-functioning digital applications that enhance  conversion rates, which translate to more profits.

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    Unrivaled Real Estate Experience

    Being home to developers well-versed in the real estate industry, we know what's trending. As such, we will build automated applications based on the latest market insights, helping drive customer retention.

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    Seamless Integrations

    Our expert developers can build web and app solutions that address our unique business goals and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Our Process Of Real Estate Software Development


Research And Planning

We gather information on the project scope, identify client needs, define the application's requirements, research your target audience, and come up with a site map.


Design And Prototyping

We will design the architecture, platforms, and user interfaces and create a clickable prototype based on your project requirement, showcasing what to expect from our developers.



Here is where the actual coding is done. We leverage a source code management application to track changes in code, especially when several developers are working on the project.



We run security, performance, and functionality tests to ascertain that all features work efficiently and to remove bugs and other possible lags



After you give us the go-ahead, we will deploy the application, making it accessible to end users.



We conduct regular maintenance, leveraging the right tech tools to maintain high usability and functionality.

We gather information on the project scope, identify client needs, define the application's requirements, research your target audience, and come up with a site map.

Industries We're Experts In

  • health-fitnes-image Health / Fitness

    We help fitness clubs, gyms, and trainers create a centralized platform where they can share health-related content that improves their audience's quality of life.

  • fintech-image Financial
    Services + Fintech

    We help banks and other financial institutions access full-service web designing solutions that promote customer convenience.

  • retail-imageRetail /

    Whether you are a freelancer, established, or small business, our web design, and development services are designed to help you sell online at scale.

  • medtech-image MedTech

    We help the healthcare fraternity build a 24/7 presence to facilitate an all-day, everyday service provision.

  • real-estate-imageReal Estate

    Our development services open real estate investors to a world of innumerable opportunities.

  • sports-image Sports

    We help fitness clubs create an online space where they can share valuable fitness content that appeals to their target audience.

  • blockchain-imageBlockchain

    Our blockchain web service allows businesses to have a platform where they can monitor transactions and other processes securely.

  • education-image Education /

    We help tutors, and educational institutions access diverse e-learning solutions that engage students and teachers alike.

  • medical-imageMedical /

    We help physicians, pharmacists, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, and other medical practitioners enhance patient interactions and provide personalized care.

  • marketing-imageMarketing
    and AdTech

    Our solutions allow marketers and advertising agencies to run massive campaigns across various platforms seamlessly.

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Technology Stack

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    React Native

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What services do we provide?

    We provide custom web development, web app development, mobile development, quality assurance, product design, consulting, and software outsourcing.

  • How do you organize the real estate application development process?

    Our real estate application development process involves:

    • Researching your project goals, requirements, expectations, target audience and competitor products
    • Finding developers well-versed in your desired tech stack and frameworks
    • Designing the entire application and creating a clickable prototype
    • Building the application
    • Testing the app to ascertain product quality
    • Making it available to end-users
    • Continuous maintenance to keep the app operating efficiently and effectively
  • What are the pros of hiring an outsource company for your real estate app and software development?

    Reasons you should consider outsourcing software development projects include:

    • Access to an unlimited talent pool
    • Saving time and resources since it eliminates the recruitment process
    • Access to innovative developers with fresher perspectives that can improve your project
    • Access to quality talents at a fraction of what you would pay for similar services in the USA
  • How much does real estate software development cost?

    There is no one-size-fits-all figure when building custom real estate software. The cost depends on the hours the developers put in and the number of features you want. To know the exact cost of your specific project, talk to Scimus today.

  • Do we need to sign an NDA?

    This is entirely up to you. However, as a reputable real estate software development company, we recommend NDAs as they uphold the confidentiality of your trade secrets and client’s sensitive information.

  • What engagement models do you apply?

    We are a reputable real estate software company offering four types of engagement models, which include:

    • Fixed Bid: this is ideal for stable projects with clear requirements and requires fixed payments
    • Time and Material (T&M) Contract: this model is best for projects with unclear requirements. The client pays for labor at hourly rates
    • Outsourcing: this is ideal for businesses that need additional developers to supplement their in-house team
    • Dedicated team: this is an engagement model that provides software engineers dedicated to your project.