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Elevating Cosmetic Retail

How Beautiqo's Telegram Store Transformed Sales and Customer Engagement.


Beautiqo, an online cosmetics store, faced a unique challenge in the competitive world of e-commerce. While they had successfully established their presence on e-commerce platforms, Instagram, and Facebook, they sought a way to distinguish themselves from competitors and tap into new, untapped sales channels.

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The Story of Beautiqo

  • Founded in 2022, Beautiqo swiftly made a name for itself as an online store offering a curated selection of elite cosmetics brands, coupled with exceptional customer service. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction set them apart in the cosmetics retail industry.

The Problem

Beautiqo aimed to leverage new channels to expand its reach and cater to a younger generation of shoppers. Their objectives included increasing customer loyalty, improving retention rates, and boosting brand awareness.

To achieve these goals, they needed an innovative solution that could resonate with a modern, tech-savvy audience.

Why Scimus Was Chosen

Beautiqo turned to Scimus, a seasoned web development and e-commerce specialist, for assistance. Scimus had a proven track record of successfully developing and integrating over 400 e-commerce stores across various channels over the past four years. Our expertise made them the ideal partner to address Beautiqo's unique challenges.

How Scimus Responded

Scimus responded to Beautiqo's challenge by proposing a groundbreaking solution: the creation of a custom Telegram store. This store would seamlessly integrate with Beautiqo's existing e-commerce infrastructure while unlocking access to Telegram's vast user base, which comprises approximately 700 million users worldwide.

The custom Telegram store was designed to cater to a demographic that preferred convenient online shopping experiences. It allowed customers to store their details securely, enabling one-click shopping. Additionally, it facilitated two-way communication between Beautiqo and its customers, fostering increased loyalty and providing exceptional customer support.

The Results

  • The implementation of the custom Telegram store and the accompanying marketing strategy yielded exceptional results for Beautiqo. Sales experienced a remarkable upswing, increasing by an impressive 200% month over month for the last three months.
  • The new communication capabilities of the Telegram store allowed Beautiqo's support staff to efficiently handle customer inquiries and keep customers informed about delivery updates, delays, and promotions. This not only improved customer satisfaction but also contributed to higher customer retention rates.
  • In conclusion, Scimus' innovative solution not only expanded Beautiqo's sales channels but also significantly enhanced customer engagement and brand loyalty. This case study highlights the power of creative thinking and the effective integration of technology to address modern e-commerce challenges and achieve remarkable growth.