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Aesthetics Record

Empowering Aesthetics Record

How Scimus Transformed EMR Software for Growth and Excellence.


Aesthetics Record, established in 2014, is a leading provider of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software tailored to the aesthetics and medical spa industry.

Their mission is to simplify patient management, streamline documentation, and enhance the operational efficiency of medical professionals and clinics in the aesthetics field.

This case study explores how Scimus, a proficient web development and testing company, contributed to the development and testing of the Aesthetics Record application.

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The Story of Aesthetics Record

  • Founded in 2014, Aesthetics Record has been a pioneer in delivering EMR solutions for the aesthetics and medical spa sector. From the outset, they aimed to offer cutting-edge software that caters to the unique needs of practitioners in this specialized field.

  • Over the years, Aesthetics Record has remained dedicated to empowering aesthetic professionals with efficient and user-friendly EMR tools.

The Problem

Aesthetics Record faced a multifaceted challenge encompassing the need to expand their EMR software's capabilities, stabilize their code base, and prepare their architecture for scalable growth.

As a prominent player in the aesthetics industry, they recognized the importance of enhancing their EMR application to meet the evolving needs of medical practitioners while ensuring it remained robust and adaptable for future expansion.

Why Scimus Was Chosen

Aesthetics Record recognized the need for a development and testing partner with expertise in web development and rigorous testing. Scimus was chosen for their exceptional track record in creating custom solutions and their reputation for delivering robust and error-free software.

Scimus's experience made them the ideal candidate to collaborate with Aesthetics Record in elevating the quality of their EMR application.

How Scimus Responded

In response to Aesthetics Record's multifaceted challenge, Scimus embarked on a comprehensive strategy to address their needs. The journey began with the development phase, where Scimus worked closely with the Aesthetics Record team to understand their vision, requirements, and growth objectives. Scimus was tasked with expanding the EMR software's capabilities, stabilizing the existing code base, and designing an architecture that could seamlessly scale as Aesthetics Record grew.

Scimus meticulously engineered new features, building upon the existing foundation of the EMR application. They focused on enhancing functionality, improving user experience, and adding modules that catered to the evolving needs of medical practitioners in the aesthetics industry. This included features for advanced patient management, treatment documentation, and regulatory compliance.

Simultaneously, Scimus engaged in code stabilization efforts, conducting thorough code reviews, identifying and rectifying existing issues, and optimizing the software for enhanced performance and reliability.

To prepare the architecture for scalable growth, Scimus implemented a modular and flexible design that could accommodate future expansions effortlessly. The architecture was engineered to be adaptable, allowing Aesthetics Record to seamlessly integrate new functionalities and scale their services as the company's client base expanded.

In conclusion, Scimus responded to Aesthetics Record's multifaceted challenge by expanding the EMR software's capabilities, stabilizing the code base, and designing a scalable architecture. This strategic approach positioned Aesthetics Record for growth while ensuring that their EMR application remained reliable, efficient, and adaptable to the evolving needs of the aesthetics industry.

The Results

  • The collaborative efforts of Scimus and Aesthetics Record led to transformative results. The enhanced EMR software now boasted a wide array of advanced features, enabling medical practitioners to streamline patient management, documentation, and treatment procedures effectively. Medical professionals in the aesthetics industry found the application more versatile and tailored to their specific needs.
  • The code stabilization efforts carried out by Scimus resulted in a more reliable and error-free EMR application. Existing issues were addressed, optimizing the software's performance and ensuring it operated smoothly in the demanding healthcare environment.
  • The architecture prepared by Scimus for scalable growth allowed Aesthetics Record to seamlessly expand their services as their client base grew. They could integrate new functionalities, modules, and features without compromising the application's stability.
  • In conclusion, the collaborative partnership between Scimus and Aesthetics Record resulted in an EMR software that not only met the initial challenge but exceeded expectations. The application's expanded capabilities, code stability, and scalable architecture positioned Aesthetics Record as a leader in the aesthetics industry. Medical practitioners benefitted from a powerful, reliable, and adaptable EMR solution that met the unique demands of their profession while ensuring efficiency and compliance.